Allan Little tries to make sense of the current crisis in Europe, especially the Euro crisis, by putting it in the context of Europe’s history.
Stefan Weber traces the history of permanent exhibitions of Islamic art and archaeology from the early 20th century to the present.
Dr Aigrain describes some of the highlights and challenges of exoplanet exploration and outlines how we are working to detect and characterise planets.
The Winter 2012 issue of ReSourcE features articles on the 2012 RSE Christmas Lecture with London Olympics Gold Medal winner
This issue of ReSourcE features articles on the RSE ‘From Maxwell to Higgs’ exhibition; the Young Academy of Scotland on
The Summer 2012 issue of ReSourcE features articles on the Best of Scottish Science at the Edinburgh International Science Festival;
A James Scott Prize Lecture delivered by Professor Stephen Barnett.
Interview with Professor Devine and others following the RSE Christmas Lecture, December 2011.
The extreme characteristics that are provided by today’s extreme light laser offer a new paradigm to Fundamental Physics for the investigation of the deeper strata of matter
Terry Hill offers a critical examination of the costs involved in infrastructure.
Professor Bell Burnell focuses on the contributions to modern astronomy made by some unsung and under-sung female astronomers of the last 100 years.