The idea of universal early childhood education and care (ECEC) services is embedded in Nordic educational policies, and ECEC is
September 2021 marked the introduction of 30 funded hours of early learning and care provision for all Scottish 3-, 4-
As a leader in the field of early learning and childhood development, Professor Peter Moss will critically reflect on the
Professor Anne Magurran FRSE calls to protect and restore Scotland’s biodiversity.
This discussion brings together experts with perspectives from art therapy, psychology and psychiatry to address what we mean by wellbeing for babies and toddlers.
This discussion will look at the effects of climate change in Scotland with a view to providing possible solutions to tackle them in future.
An African nation with a recent troubled past has a proud record of equality in parliament. We now have new resources that will shine a light on women’s experiences in Rwandan society before the colonial period.
Professor Ian Jackson on the genetics of ginger hair. The further north you were born, the more likely you are to have red hair.
Audrey Cumberford writes about why Scotland is well placed to capitalise on its strengths and make effective university-college collaboration the norm.
This panel of experts take questions on hydrogen in all its forms and provide a more realistic view of hydrogen and how to produce and use it.
Professor Sean Mckee FRSE writes about how we are constantly surrounded by applied mathematical models every day, even if we don’t know it.
Professor Devi Sridhar looks to the prevention of future pandemics and a coalition built on preparedness and innovation.