The Summer 2021 edition of ReSourcE turns to the global climate crisis. You can read expert opinions from RSE Fellows
Professor Fiona Gilbert FRSE argues why the public should allow the use of their data within healthcare for the greater good.
Dr Rebecca Wade examines the advancements in nature-based solutions that are helping to tackle climate change | Face the Facts
Dr Rebekah Widdowfield discusses the issues asylum seekers and refugees face in a post-Brexit Britain with RSE Fellow, Professor Alison Phipps.
Professor Peter A Mossey FRSE explains how better clinician-patient communication through health coaching can improve disease prevention.
Professor Andy Kerr discusses how focussing on solving inequalities in society can inadvertently help tackle climate change issues | Face the Facts
A discussion on the inequalities and future of social care and welfare systems that many people with disabilities rely on in a post-pandemic economy.
Dr Rebekah Widdowfield and Professors Lynn Abrams and Ian Rivers discuss how to solve gender and LGBTI equality and diversity issues in a modern Scotland.
Sam Alberti writes how his favourite place to learn about the environment is in museums where objects provide insight on the current state of our planet.
Scotland compares very poorly with other countries in Europe and even within the UK when it comes to health inequalities, but why?
Dr Heidi Burdett discusses blue carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems that could help Scotland fight climate change | Face the Facts
Rebekah Widdowfield talks to Talat Yaqoob and Louise Macdonald about improving both public debate and participation by looking at how the public has been informed and engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic.