The Spring 2022 edition of ReSourcE takes matters of health and wellbeing as its primary focus. We hear from experts and leading thinkers within the RSE Fellowship and beyond on some of the ways in which better health policies and practices can improve mental, social, and physical wellbeing across society; as well as the role of the arts and embracing culture.
This event brought together experts to challenge and provoke us about how the time for rural is now.
Professor Roy Burdon explains how the environment can leave its footprints in our DNA, whether a natural or artificial cause.
Professor Jeremy Peat, RSE VP for Business, reflects on a series of economic issues related to constitutional change and the Scottish independence debate.
Are current approaches to impact addressing the demands for interdisciplinary approaches, and do they call for more diversity?
Professor Stephen Reicher reflects on the importance of exchanging knowledge between disciplines in addressing the challenge posed by Covid-19.
Dr Ellen Stewart on why engagement with citizens has the potential to improve research and increase its relevance to policy and practice.
The Universities Policy Engagement Network looks at the challenge of bringing about positive change for equity, diversity and inclusion in academic-policy engagement.
Professor Eleonora Belfiore explores the resistance against the impact agenda within the arts and humanities academic community
Dramatic progress against this deadly disease has faltered. Professor Heather M Ferguson FRSE on how to get it back on track.
Professor Alex Murphy FRSE writes about bringing STEM opportunities to the most remote locations in Scotland.
As a growing sector, it also offers exciting opportunities for the future, and Scotland is at the forefront of these opportunities.