Enlightening the Constitutional Debate: Further powers for Scotland

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Professor Gavin McCrone
Ms Jo Armstrong
Professor John Kay
Professor Nicola McEwen

Further powers for Scotland debate – what does the draft legislation mean in practice?

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Since the Scottish Independence Referendum in September 2014, which resulted in a vote to reject independence, additional powers have been proposed to extend devolution, first under Lord Smith’s Commission and then in draft legislation, published in January 2015.

This public discussion, involving three experts from relevant fields, explored the practical impacts, as well as the policy and constitutional consequences, of the proposed legislation.


Former Chief Economic Adviser, Scottish Office, 1970–92
Jo Armstrong
Co-Director & Founder, Fiscal Affairs Scotland
Visiting Professor, London School of Economics
Professor Nicola McEwen
Professor of Territorial Politics; Associate Director, ESRC Centre on Constitutional Change, University of Edinburgh

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