Video| 04/09/2023
Data is all around us. How our data is used, by whom and for whose benefit is a major topic of discussion. So, what is really being done with it? Who can use it and why? And how can it help people?
Podcast| 30/08/2023
Let's talk about the future of tertiary education.
Blog| 17/08/2023
With Brexit's impact on borders, Dr Kirsty Hughes FRSE discusses what might lie ahead for the England-Scotland border in the instance of an independent Scotland.
Blog| 16/08/2023
Lessons for Scotland's potential EU membership. Katy Hayward discusses the Windsor Framework in relation to the Irish/Northern Irish Protocol for border management.
Magazine| 10/08/2023
The Summer 2023 edition of ReSourcE presents an exploration of the RSE’s connections on the global stage through our international partnerships, Corresponding Fellows, and wider network across multiple disciplines – demonstrating how Scotland’s expertise can be harnessed to make a positive impact on the world.
Professor David Breeze will talk about conservation efforts around the Antonine Wall and how it became a World Heritage Site.
Video| 25/07/2023
Dr Helen Senn outlines the steps taken over the last decade to place the wildcat back on a path to recovery.
Blog| 26/07/2023
Scotland leads the way in promoting a tertiary education system. What do we need in securing a prosperous future for learners & society?
Blog| 21/07/2023
Professor Chris Quine considers how woodlands can provide for future generations while responding to the climate and biodiversity crises and the needs of society.
Blog| 19/07/2023
Financial services post-Brexit; Rebecca Christie remarks that the UK still expects preferential treatment, while the EU demands reciprocity.
Blog| 19/07/2023
Professor Victoria L. O'Donnell explores the growth and challenges of online universities, emphasizing the need to redefine perceptions and value of online degrees amidst a competitive and evolving educational landscape.
Blog| 05/07/2023
Graham Bishop argues that three years after leaving the EU, the UK finance sector still awaits the promised gains.