Video| 21/02/2013
Professor Ian Boyd FRSE, Chief Scientific Adviser for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs delivers this SCRR Peter Wilson Lecture.
Video| 12/12/2012
Allan Little tries to make sense of the current crisis in Europe, especially the Euro crisis, by putting it in the context of Europe's history.
Video| 07/12/2012
Dr Aigrain describes some of the highlights and challenges of exoplanet exploration and outlines how we are working to detect and characterise planets.
Video| 07/12/2012
Stefan Weber traces the history of permanent exhibitions of Islamic art and archaeology from the early 20th century to the present.
Magazine| 01/12/2012
The Winter 2012 issue of ReSourcE features articles on the 2012 RSE Christmas Lecture with London Olympics Gold Medal winner
Magazine| 01/10/2012
This issue of ReSourcE features articles on the RSE ‘From Maxwell to Higgs’ exhibition; the Young Academy of Scotland on
Magazine| 01/07/2012
The Summer 2012 issue of ReSourcE features articles on the Best of Scottish Science at the Edinburgh International Science Festival;
Video| 14/05/2012
A James Scott Prize Lecture delivered by Professor Stephen Barnett.
Video| 16/04/2012
Interview with Professor Devine and others following the RSE Christmas Lecture, December 2011.
Video| 05/04/2012
Terry Hill offers a critical examination of the costs involved in infrastructure.
Video| 05/04/2012
The extreme characteristics that are provided by today's extreme light laser offer a new paradigm to Fundamental Physics for the investigation of the deeper strata of matter