Video| 11/09/2023
The Norse are woven right through the tapestry (or tartan!) of Scottish history and culture. But why do we not know more about them?
Video| 11/09/2023
This panel brings together innovators and experts from across the country to dive under the surface of Scotland’s space industry.
Video| 11/09/2023
Our panel explore how science is working towards creating better barley to meet the challenges of food security and environmental change.
Video| 08/09/2023
Brining together curators and museum researchers to discuss what it means for academic institutions to be accountable to colonial legacies.
Video| 07/09/2023
Does comparing monolinguals and bilinguals really matter? Professor Antonella Sorace explores this and more in this thought-provoking talk.
Video| 06/09/2023
Between 1563 and 1736 up to 5,000 people are estimated to have been accused of witchcraft. But who are the witches of Scotland and why do their stories matter?
Video| 05/09/2023
A small observatory in St Andrews has stood unused for many years, but the building is now being brought to life through an art installation.
Video| 06/09/2023
Join our international panel to explore the rich experiences of diaspora communities and the profound impact of migration on our collective journey.
Video| 05/09/2023
In Scotland, it has been said that we are at the start of a hydro-pumped storage renaissance. Could we take this opportunity to become a green energy storage superpower?
Video| 04/09/2023
Data is all around us. How our data is used, by whom and for whose benefit is a major topic of discussion. So, what is really being done with it? Who can use it and why? And how can it help people?
Professor David Breeze will talk about conservation efforts around the Antonine Wall and how it became a World Heritage Site.
Video| 25/07/2023
Dr Helen Senn outlines the steps taken over the last decade to place the wildcat back on a path to recovery.