Video| 26/08/2021
Dr Rebecca Wade examines the advancements in nature-based solutions that are helping to tackle climate change | Face the Facts
Video| 26/08/2021
Offering a critical perspective, our speakers explore how we now need to reimagine the nature and purpose of education post-pandemic.
Video| 26/08/2021
This event discusses the UK Government’s plans for reforming the asylum system and what this means for Scotland’s approach.
Video| 25/08/2021
Experts from across the globe talk about how public narrative and communication on Covid-19 has taken place in their country/state.
Video| 18/08/2021
This discussion is an opportunity to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing citizen-led public service in Scotland
Video| 17/08/2021
Jason Leitch in a panel discussion examines the response of the Scottish Government, what it got right – and wrong – over the last 18 months.
Video| 17/08/2021
Health has been on all our minds in the past year and longer. Watch this discussion about various scientific findings on “Brain Health”.
Video| 16/08/2021
This discussion shares the latest thinking on this difficult condition that affects one in ten women in the UK, and at treatments therapies.
Video| 13/08/2021
Professor Andy Kerr discusses how focussing on solving inequalities in society can inadvertently help tackle climate change issues | Face the Facts
Video| 13/08/2021
Future energy demand is likely to increase due to climate change, but the magnitude depends on many interacting sources of uncertainty.
Video| 12/08/2021
An illustrated conversation between artist Victoria Crowe FRSE and poet Christine De Luca reflecting on our changed circumstance.
Video| 11/08/2021
Our expert panel discussed how “Big Science” research is powering innovations and technology that shape and improves every aspect of our lives.