Video| 12/09/2011
Professor Wade Allison explains why nuclear technology may be welcomed and used carefully to benefit the environment for the future without fear.
Video| 26/07/2011
The lecture considers the opportunity to realise Scotland's renewable energy potential and examines the more general theme of low carbon technologies and energy infrastructure.
Video| 25/07/2011
Professor Tim Byers summarises the ways in which nutritional factors increase cancer risk and how the choices we make can prevent it.
Video| 04/07/2011
Professor Jose Torero extracts ten lessons on sustainable infrastructure from a decade of questioning and innovation post-9/11.
Video| 13/07/2011
Sir Harry Kroto discusses developments in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, explaining how molecules that 'do things' are now being made.
Video| 11/07/2011
Bruce Katz outlines a vision of a rebalanced next economy in the United States and explores its implications for the UK and Scotland.
Video| 04/07/2011
John Elvidge reflects on the challenges and opportunities for Scotland in a changing world, both for how we see ourselves and how others see us.
Video| 04/07/2011
Is there still a role for Trident? Can we afford it? A distinguished panel of experts debates these issues.
Video| 17/06/2011
The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes CH delivers the MacCormick European Lecture on the viability and merits of European foreign policy.
Video| 17/06/2011
Professor John Haldane gives an account of Thomas Reid's life and thought, celebrating his approach to understanding human beings and their place in nature.
Video| 17/06/2011
Stuart MacRae, Louise Welsh and Andrew Clark in an examination of the characteristics of a successful opera partnership.
Video| 17/06/2011
A look at Scottish sources prior to Barbour, considering Robert the Bruce's reputation in Scotland before the poet represented him as the heroic liberator.