Podcast| 22/07/2021
Talat Yaqoob and Louise Macdonald talk about improving both public debate and participation by looking at how the public has been informed and engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Podcast| 19/06/2020
Nasar Meer discusses the impact of Covid-19 on black and ethnic minority groups across Scotland and the UK.
Podcast| 03/07/2020
Fergus Linehan on the impact Covid-19 has had on Arts & Culture, how the way we consume art has changed and what roads to recovery for venues and festivals are possible.
Podcast| 10/07/2020
Talat Yaqoob examines how Covid-19 has highlighted inequalities across various sectors across the country, including the economy, employment, healthcare and childcare.
Podcast| 22/12/2020
Professor Niamh Nic Daéid talks about using the learning from the Covid-19 pandemic to enhance Scotland's ability to effectively utilise data, evidence, and science in preparing for and responding to future challenges.
Podcast| 16/12/2020
Caroline Gardner discusses the learning from the pandemic to support inclusive public services and innovative thinking.
Podcast| 11/12/2020
An illuminating and entertaining conversation between award-winning actor and comedian Janey Godley and Kirsty Wark FRSE, discussing the ways in which communication has become important during the pandemic.
Podcast| 09/12/2020
Hear from Professor Sir Ian Boyd about using the learning from Covid-19 to enhance Scotland’s resilience to deal with large-scale disruptions and challenges of the future.
Podcast| 02/12/2020
Meet Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak who successfully led the launch of the Lighthouse Labs, the UK's capacity for testing at such scale and the need for collaboration between science and industry.
Podcast| 25/11/2020
Dame Seona Reid on the impact of Covid-19 on culture and the creative arts.
Podcast| 12/06/2020
Dr Stella Chan discusses how lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic have affected people's mental health, how mental health services may be impacted post-lockdown and coping strategies for difficult times like the present.
Podcast| 05/06/2020
Professor Stephen Reicher on the science and analysis of public behaviours during the Covid-19 pandemic.