Podcast| 12/04/2022
Listen to a thought-provoking discussion chaired by Nick Fraser between Louisa Harvey, Dr Andy Kerr FRSE, and Joan Lawrie discussing how climate change continues to expose further inequalities within our society and their experience working together with local authorities and communities to enact solutions to tackle those challenges in an affordable, community-focused and sustainable way.
Podcast| 21/12/2021
What currency might be used in an independent Scotland? Listen to Professor Sir John Kay FRSE review of the various possibilities for Scotland.
Podcast| 09/12/2021
Professor Jim Skea and Professor Camilla Toulmin explore the road to a Just Transition to net-zero and how do we achieve it.
Podcast| 02/12/2021
RSE Fellows Professor Maggie Gill and Professor Colin Campbell consider land use and climate change.
Podcast| 25/11/2021
Hear from RSE Fellows Professor Gordon Masterton and Professor Iain Docherty about transport, mobility and what net-zero means in practice. 
Podcast| 18/11/2021
Hear from members of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland, Dr Sandro Carnicelli and Dr Leslie Mabon about the impacts of climate change on tourism.
Podcast| 11/11/2021
Professors James Curran and Duncan Maclennan FRSE talk about the impact of climate change on Scottish cities, and the policy and lifestyle changes needed in order to make cities more environmentally friendly.
Podcast| 28/10/2021
Professor Chris van der Kuyl FRSE brings together a panel of experts and young people to discuss the effects of digital communications over lockdown.
Podcast| 19/08/2021
RSE Fellow, Professor Alison Phipps on issues asylum seekers and refugees face in a post-Brexit Britain.
Podcast| 12/08/2021
A discussion on the inequalities and future of social care and welfare systems that many people with disabilities rely on in a post-pandemic economy.
Podcast| 05/08/2021
Professors Lynn Abrams and Ian Rivers discuss how to solve gender and LGBTI equality and diversity issues in modern Scotland.
Podcast| 29/07/2021
Scotland compares very poorly with other countries in Europe and even within the UK when it comes to health inequalities, but why?