Magazine| 29/04/2024
The spring 2024 edition of ReSourcE explores the future of education in Scotland and the pivotal role that learning plays in shaping our collective future.
Magazine| 14/12/2023
The Winter 2023 edition of ReSourcE explores the pivotal role of the creative industries in shaping the future and addressing the pressing challenges of our time.
Magazine| 10/08/2023
The Summer 2023 edition of ReSourcE presents an exploration of the RSE’s connections on the global stage through our international partnerships, Corresponding Fellows, and wider network across multiple disciplines – demonstrating how Scotland’s expertise can be harnessed to make a positive impact on the world.
Magazine| 09/05/2023
The Spring 2023 edition of ReSourcE focuses primarily on biodiversity – why it's under threat, why it matters, and what can be done to tackle the biodiversity crisis. From the latest scientific research to innovative conservation projects and policy initiatives across a range of sectors, we look at the current state of biodiversity in Scotland, the UK and internationally, and the efforts being made to protect it.
Magazine| 15/12/2022
The Winter 2022 edition of ReSourcE delves into technological advancement and disruption as a primary focus. We hear from experts and leading thinkers within the RSE Fellowship and beyond on the rapidly-accelerating innovation in technology across multiple disciplines, while considering the wider implications for society.
Magazine| 01/09/2022
The Summer 2022 edition of ReSourcE takes heed of the year-long celebration of Scotland’s Year of Stories. Stories are a vital part of Scotland’s culture, and when we share remarkable stories, whether spoken, written, sung, filmed—or played, as you will read in this edition—they give a sense of place, history and belonging. The RSE’s Fellowship and the Young Academy of Scotland harbour a rich heritage of stories and a wide range of powerful methods of storytelling across countless disciplines, and this edition offers a window into this resource.
Magazine| 25/05/2022
The Spring 2022 edition of ReSourcE takes matters of health and wellbeing as its primary focus. We hear from experts and leading thinkers within the RSE Fellowship and beyond on some of the ways in which better health policies and practices can improve mental, social, and physical wellbeing across society; as well as the role of the arts and embracing culture.
Magazine| 16/12/2021
The Winter 2021 edition of ReSourcE turns to the ever-accelerating field of innovation in health as the primary focus. We hear from experts and leading thinkers within the Fellowship and Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) on the use of new technology in healthcare, as well as innovation in emerging practices across the health sector.
Magazine| 01/09/2021
The Summer 2021 edition of ReSourcE turns to the global climate crisis. You can read expert opinions from RSE Fellows
Magazine| 01/03/2019
A follow-up issue to Issue 22: Start-ups: Shaping Scotland’s Future, focusing on the entrepreneurs taking part in the RSE’s Unlocking
Magazine| 01/08/2018
Scotland punches well above its weight in its support for early-stage businesses – and it shows. The excitement which surrounds
Magazine| 01/04/2016
The Royal Society of Edinburgh launched the Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) in November 2011, to bring together the country’s