Blog| 06/12/2021
Professors Philippa Saunders FRSE and Andrew Horne FRSE discuss how wearable tech could help improve the lives of those suffering from endometriosis.
Blog| 01/12/2021
Caroline Gardner CBE, Chair of the Inclusive Public Service working group writes about the benefits of social prescribing.
Blog| 18/11/2021
Professor John Peter Renwick FRSE on the ground-breaking contribution he made to the 140-volume Complete Works of Voltaire, a French philosopher, historian and social reformer.
Blog| 23/11/2021
Jim King writes about the challenges of offering meaningful education opportunities within the prison system and why we should prioritise interventions that are creative, engaging, and relevant to the individual's life and aspirations.
Blog| 23/11/2021
Dr James Mahon discusses the importance of relevant and industry-driven career-long professional learning (CLPL) to tertiary instructors.
Blog| 16/11/2021
Talat Yaqoob FRSE outlines the importance of public participation in government decision-making to avoid the next crisis
Blog| 11/11/2021
Professor Niamh Nic Daéid illustrates the need to increase public confidence and and trust in data and science-based decisions.
Blog| 09/11/2021
Professor Sir Ian Boyd explains key recommendations to take forward to help Scotland recover from the pandemic and build resilience.
Blog| 29/10/2021
Professor James Curran builds upon Freud's two great outrages to look at what actions should come forth from COP26.
Blog| 20/10/2021
Professor Maggie Gill OBE writes on why we shouldn't 'just' aim for net-zero in combatting climate change.
Blog| 12/10/2021
The targets set for carbon reduction in Paris have now been enshrined in law, with Scotland bound to reach net
Blog| 08/10/2021
Professor Neil Vargesson FRSE looks at the history of thalidomide use in contemporary treatments and it's safety 60 years on.