Magazine| 01/03/2019
A follow-up issue to Issue 22: Start-ups: Shaping Scotland’s Future, focusing on the entrepreneurs taking part in the RSE’s Unlocking
Magazine| 01/08/2018
Scotland punches well above its weight in its support for early-stage businesses – and it shows. The excitement which surrounds
Magazine| 01/04/2016
The Royal Society of Edinburgh launched the Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) in November 2011, to bring together the country’s
Magazine| 01/07/2015
The revolution wrought by computers hasn’t been and gone – it’s only just started. Our interactions with computers every day,
Magazine| 01/10/2014
The eight new Innovation Centres being established in Scotland are intrinsically innovative in several ways. Not only are they ambitious
Magazine| 01/07/2014
Most of us who live in Scotland find ourselves attracted to the sea, and most of us can reach the
Magazine| 01/10/2017
Scotland's biodiversity science: uniquely special and leading edge
Magazine| 01/08/2017
How scientists in Scotland helped discover gravitational waves
Magazine| 06/08/2016
Here in the UK, we have some of the world’s top universities. Alongside the US, our leading institutions dominate all