Blog| 01/12/2021
Caroline Gardner CBE, Chair of the Inclusive Public Service working group writes about the benefits of social prescribing.
Blog| 18/11/2021
Professor John Peter Renwick FRSE on the ground-breaking contribution he made to the 140-volume Complete Works of Voltaire, a French philosopher, historian and social reformer.
Blog| 16/11/2021
Talat Yaqoob FRSE outlines the importance of public participation in government decision-making to avoid the next crisis
Blog| 11/11/2021
Professor Niamh Nic Daéid illustrates the need to increase public confidence and and trust in data and science-based decisions.
Blog| 09/11/2021
Professor Sir Ian Boyd explains key recommendations to take forward to help Scotland recover from the pandemic and build resilience.
Blog| 29/10/2021
Professor James Curran builds upon Freud's two great outrages to look at what actions should come forth from COP26.
Blog| 20/10/2021
Professor Maggie Gill OBE writes on why we shouldn't 'just' aim for net-zero in combatting climate change.
Blog| 12/10/2021
The targets set for carbon reduction in Paris have now been enshrined in law, with Scotland bound to reach net
Blog| 08/10/2021
Professor Neil Vargesson FRSE looks at the history of thalidomide use in contemporary treatments and it's safety 60 years on.
Blog| 11/10/2021
Professor Andrew Tyler discusses the role water plays in combatting climate change and its importance in public policy for the RSE Fellows' Blog.
Blog| 13/09/2021
Professor Clive Badman OBE details new proposals in the manufacturing process of medicines that could help solve future supply shortages.
Blog| 30/08/2021
Professor Fiona Gilbert FRSE argues why the public should allow the use of their data within healthcare for the greater good.