Video, Podcast| 08/03/2024
Like the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis emerges as yet another pressing challenge disproportionately affecting women.
Video| 13/12/2023
In the realm of economic strategies and business support programs, there exists a quiet and often overlooked hero – the third sector.
Video| 08/12/2023
Human Rights in Law and Life: an event to mark the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, discussing the nature of global human rights practice, focusing on the legal and lived experiences in different contexts.
Video| 08/02/2023
This panel discussion provides guidance about the energy crisis in the UK and Scotland, contextualising the issues, and exploring what
Video| 15/07/2022
A discussion assessing the experience of tackling inequalities at new spatial levels, putting Scotland into a comparative perspective and asking what can be learnt.
Video| 11/10/2022
Discussing the role of arts and humanities in the implementation of the joint Scottish-Irish bilateral review.
Video| 14/10/2022
The RSE's held an event for young people to hear the inspirational Ugandan climate justice activist, Vanessa Nakate.
Video| 26/08/2022
A discussion of the notebooks of Sir Charles Lyell, their significance, internal workings, composition and conservation efforts.
Video| 26/08/2022
Professor Mirela Delibegovic FRSE sets the scene and presents the controversial story.
Video| 12/08/2022
A growing body of research evidences the positive role of the arts, literature and culture in promoting mental wellbeing.
Video| 12/08/2022
Dr Sam Illingworth on how science poems can communicate important scientific research that is being done daily worldwide.
Video| 05/08/2022
In the changing socio-political landscape of Scotland, debates on the Scots language have come to the fore. But what exactly is Scots?