Video| 16/11/2010
Professor Alexander Broadie argues that The Declaration of Arbroath, while mapping out Scotland's history, uses it as propaganda.
Video| 11/05/2020
RSE/SCRR Peter Wilson event. Young speakers from diverse backgrounds inspire us with their responses to the evidence on rural climate change.
Video| 23/06/2020
Pooja Jain explores how implementing AI in health and social care goes beyond developing the technologies - it’s about changing mindsets.
Video| 07/07/2020
Robots are increasingly taking on more autonomous roles but what is the right balance between human control and autonomy?
Video| 07/07/2020
Professor Verena Rieser discusses the advances in machine learning that allows computers to converse with humans using language.
Video| 14/07/2020
Shannon Vallor discusses our overreliance on technological solutions as temporary patches for deep structural problems in organisations and society.
Video| 07/08/2020
Baroness Catherine Ashton reflects on the future of foreign policy as Britain moves away from the formal structures of Europe.
Video| 17/09/2020
An expert panel give insights into how mitochondria are made, how they sustain cell life under stress and how they can control cell death.
Video| 21/10/2020
Human mobility remains a major issue for societies and academia. Professor Dr Klaus Zimmermann discusses the impact of refugee migration.
Video| 26/10/2020
An in-depth discussion to raise awareness of Scotland’s refugee and displaced migrant communities, and the impact of COVID-19
Video| 16/11/2020
Professor Dale Jamieson discusses the significance of how two of the most important risks of climate change are misunderstood.
Video| 26/11/2020
The Royal Society of Edinburgh and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh explore the current plant extinction crisis.