Video| 11/11/2021
Professor Jim Skea, Co-Chair and contributor to the IPCC climate report explains what actions he would like to see emerge from COP26 | Face the Facts
Video| 09/11/2021
Dr Rachel Helliwell explains how climate change will affect Scotland as a hydro nation | Face the Facts
Video| 28/10/2021
Professor Paul Thompson explores the importance of maintaining marine biodiversity while expanding renewable energy sources | Face the Facts
Video| 21/10/2021
Dr Ana Payo Payo explains the changes happening in marine wildlife due to climate change | Face the Facts
Video| 30/09/2021
Professor Louise Horsfall explains how synthetic biology can improve the sustainability of biological processes and products | Face the Facts
Video| 23/09/2021
Professor Wayne Powell outlines the work happening at SRUC to grow our resilience to a changing climate | Face the Facts
Video| 26/08/2021
Dr Rebecca Wade examines the advancements in nature-based solutions that are helping to tackle climate change | Face the Facts
Video| 13/08/2021
Professor Andy Kerr discusses how focussing on solving inequalities in society can inadvertently help tackle climate change issues | Face the Facts
Video| 23/07/2021
Dr Heidi Burdett discusses blue carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems that could help Scotland fight climate change | Face the Facts
Video| 16/07/2021
Professor Gabi Hegerl discusses how using the observations of past climate events can help predict future disasters | Face the Facts
Video| 29/06/2021
Dr Ehsan Jorat explores his work on how urban and agricultural soils can provide carbon sequestration | Face the Facts
Video| 17/06/2021
Professor Elise Cartmell explains the efforts Scottish Water are making to decarbonise and help tackle climate change | Face the Facts