Blog| 06/11/2023
Dr Dmitry Fedosov discusses John Barbour's monumental 14th-century poem, "The Bruce," which chronicles Scotland's War of Independence.
Blog| 30/10/2023
Dr John Nugent is investigating the enigma of neutrinos, abundant yet elusive fundamental particles.
Blog| 23/10/2023
Dr Moriba Jah, a space environmentalist, highlights Scotland's potential to lead in space environmentalism and sustainability, emphasising the importance of addressing space debris and promoting sustainable practices.
Blog| 16/10/2023
Professor Camilla Toulmin writes about Africa-Scotland relations and her work on sound policies and substantial action.
Blog| 06/10/2023
Professor Michael Keating discusses challenges for shared regulatory competences after Brexit.
Blog| 21/07/2023
Professor Chris Quine considers how woodlands can provide for future generations while responding to the climate and biodiversity crises and the needs of society.
Blog| 12/06/2023
Professor Mehul Malik highlights the research making quantum leaps toward more secure communications.
Blog| 06/06/2023
Professor Graeme Ackland highlights the debate around claims of room-temperature superconductivity breakthroughs.
Blog| 30/05/2023
Peter McColl discusses citizen participation in policymaking to solve the issue of retrofitting insulation in homes for energy efficiency.
Podcast, Blog| 17/05/2023
Professor Isla Myers-Smith highlights the issue of climate change on tundra ecosystems.
Blog| 17/04/2023
Professor Matthew Cartmell looks to 19th-century science to help measure Earth's effect on spacetime as predicted by Albert Einstein.
Blog| 03/03/2023
Professor Neil Gow highlights how climate change may be creating a new threat from potentially life-threatening, drug-resistant fungal infections.