Resource Spring 2024

The spring 2024 edition of ReSourcE explores the future of education in Scotland and the pivotal role that learning plays in shaping our collective future.

Contributors from the RSE Fellowship, Young Academy of Scotland, and beyond, delve into diverse facets of education transformation: the imperative of interdisciplinary learning and collaboration; addressing socioeconomic disparities in education; the evolution of early learning and childcare; the need to foster greater ethical literacy within Scottish schools; the role of outdoor education in addressing the climate emergency; the unprecedented challenges confronting the college sector, and more.

You will also read about the RSE’s recent event in Lewis and Harris as part of the ongoing Islands – past, present, and future series; the forthcoming tercentenary of James Hutton; the restoration of the Union Chain Bridge, and more.

Read ReSourcE Spring 2024 (3MB, PDF)

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