ReSourcE Spring 2023

The Spring 2023 edition of ReSourcE focuses on biodiversity – why it’s under threat, why it matters, and what can be done to tackle the nature crisis.

From the latest scientific research to innovative conservation projects and policy initiatives across a range of sectors, we look at the current state of biodiversity in Scotland, the UK and internationally, and the efforts being made to protect it. We bring together some of the leading thinkers and experts within the RSE Fellowship and beyond to explore the complex issues surrounding biodiversity and the urgent need for action to conserve and restore our natural world.

You can hear about how scientists from across Scotland and multiple fields are working to confront the biodiversity crisis; the role of productive forests and woodland creation and expansion; how Scottish research is capturing the pace of greening in the Arctic and how climate change is affecting tundra ecosystems; and why biodiversity is a multifaceted concept that is about more than a number.

Elsewhere, you can read about the new Fellows elected to the RSE; our strategic plan for the next five years; the future of tertiary education; the recipients of our prestigious medals recognising outstanding achievements; the tercentenary of founding Fellow Adam Smith; and finally, you can take a journey through Glasgow Women’s Library.

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