Local knowledge, national impact


A joint event with the Scottish Government examines how evidence is used in the third sector to inform policy and practice development.

Predicting how national policies will play out on the ground is not a straightforward task. Communities across Scotland are diverse and dynamic, shaped by differing cultural forces, economic activities, historical influences, and demographic realities. How can we be confident that policies can be sensitively delivered? Once they are delivered, how do we know they’re working?

In such a complex landscape, the third sector provides rich but sometimes overlooked sources of evidence about the very people and communities these policies will impact the most. They also provide invaluable evidence on how and why policies impact the way they do, enabling modifications and adaptations. At a time when public services are under increased pressure to deliver quality and efficiency, charities, social enterprises, and community groups can fill key evidence gaps to improve outcomes.

Jointly hosted by the Scottish Government and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, this event will deconstruct the pivotal role of the third sector’s evidence in policy implementation, helping to ensure that national objectives have local resonance.

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