Islands – present | Day 2

What are the present opportunities and challenges facing and shaping the Scottish Islands? Explore the unique position, brilliant stories, and present realities of life in Scottish island communities in the second instalment of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Islands – past, present, and future event series.

Hear from a range of community leaders and experts as they discuss themes from language, archaeology, and landscape to the climate crisis, crofting, renewable energy, as well as many other topics.

Closed captioning is available in this video but please note that these are automatically generated, so captions may feature errors.

Video timings

  • 00:49 – The future of crofting – vibrant viability | Professor Frank Rennie
  • 48:33 – A survey of community wellbeing, heritage, and sustainability | Professor John Gillies FRSE, Jessica Wood and Uisdean Robertson
  • 01:49:17 – Overcoming the climate-nature crisis | David Maclennan
  • 02:28:14 – The value of long term studies: four decades of research on Soay sheep on St Kilda | Professor Josephine Pemberton FRSE, FRS
  • 02:58:57 – Present but not counted: addressing the societal condition of the Gaelic vernacular community in the islands | Professor Conchúr Ó Giollagáin
  • 03:31:35 – Bog breathing from space: how mechanics help re-defining our understanding of peatland resilience | Professor Roxane Anderson
  • 04:00:32 – Closing | Professor Des Thompson FRSE and Professor Christopher A Whatley OBE, FRSE

Islands – past, present, and future

The Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Islands – past, present, and future event series puts the complex stories of Scotland’s Island communities in the spotlight – looking back, taking stock, and imagining the future. 

With each instalment taking place in a different island community and live streamed to ensure the widest possible reach, the Royal Society of Edinburgh aims to support networks of learning and knowledge sharing in the Islands as well as Scotland as a whole. 


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