Human Rights in Law and Life 

An event discussing the nature of human rights practice globally, with a focus on the legal and lived experiences in different contexts.

The Human Rights Bill (Scotland) drew together a panel of leading thinkers, many contributing to the RSE’s marking of the significant anniversary of 75 years of Human Rights. Members of this event panel were contributors to the consultation for the RSE, and focused on the space for action and reflection of the academy, nationally and internationally. The panel is resolutely situated within the Human Rights struggles of the present moment, of conflict and contestation seeking to offer a space for reflective practice and the discomforts that come with the contradictions.

At this event, the audience was invited to reflect on what different appeals to Human Rights mean today, in language and in practice, and in a global context. This includes the key question of how we can foster and critique Human Rights approaches in contexts different to the inception of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



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