Europe is a crucial research partner for Scotland in many areas of research, as well as providing opportunities for researcher mobility and careers.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), in collaboration with the Scottish Funding Council and the Scottish Government, is pleased to announce £3 million of new funds for Scottish and European research projects, mobility and other collaborative activity – Saltire Research Awards.

The schemes will enable research collaboration activity with European nations, including EEA and EFTA countries with partners chosen by researchers. Participating in the schemes can be done independently of Horizon Europe activity. 

Open to all academic disciplines, (STEM, Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences) including multidisciplinary projects. 

The RSE is inviting applications across five new calls supporting all to realise their potential. For further details of each of these schemes, terms and conditions, and the deadlines for applications visit:

Providing PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and Early Career Researchers a 3–12 month opportunity to focus on a research project of their choice in an HEI in Europe.
Designed to create and/or to consolidate collaborative Scotland – EU partnerships over a two-year period.
Encouraging Scotland–EU collaborative investigation into a research proposition at an early stage of development.
Facilitating international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland with researchers in the EU for up to two years.
Fostering and supporting the exchange of internationally renowned academics between Scottish and European universities or research institutes.