The RSE’s Research Awards programme invites applications across five different research funding opportunities to support all to realise their potential. Applications can be made from today.

The RSE Research Awards programme is one of the vital funding programmes supporting Scotland’s academic researchers, nurturing promising talent, stimulating research in Scotland, and promoting international collaboration. Supporting Scotland’s vibrant research sectors will have a lasting benefit to the individuals and communities concerned and to broader society.

The Research Awards Programme will run twice a year, spring and autumn. The deadline for applications is Monday, 25 October 2021.

For further details of each of these schemes, eligibility, and how to apply, visit:

RSE Small Research Grants

Designed to support personally conducted high-quality research. Awarding between £500-£5,000 for up to 12 months to cover eligible costs arising from a defined research project.

RSE Research Workshop Grants

A workshop is “the coming together of scholars at the early stage of planning to develop collaborative research”. Designed to encourage collaborative investigation into a research proposition at an early stage of development. A maximum of £10,000 is funded for up to 12 months.

RSE Research Network Grants

Expand activities of existing research or initiate new projects. Partnerships may be defined by a collaboration between colleagues in different disciplines and institutions. A maximum of £20,000 is funded for up to 24 months.

RSE Joint Projects

This award enables international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland with researchers overseas. Applications for two-year joint projects are invited from Scottish-based researchers to include an overseas Higher Education Institution, Research Institute or Cultural Institution of your choice – open to all countries. A maximum of £6,000 per year and up to a maximum of £12,000 over two years.

RSE Personal Research Fellowships

The Fellowship provides funding for the appointment of a temporary replacement, up to 12 months, to enable the awardee to take study leave, either in their own institution or elsewhere, whilst remaining in continuous employment with their present employer. Research costs are also included.

RSE Scotland Asia Partnerships Higher Education Research Fund

The RSE Scotland Asia Partnerships Higher Education Research (SAPHIRE) Fund is a new grant scheme funded by the Scottish Government to enhance and add value to existing international research partnerships between Scottish universities, research institutes, and partners in Asia. Scottish universities and research institutes are invited to submit bids for funding under the RSE SAPHIRE Fund for international partnerships on climate change & other research, awarding between £5,000 – 10,000 per project.