Revival, Resilience and Recovery:
Cultural and Arts Sectors post-Covid-19.

The Royal Irish Academy (RIA) and the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), with the support of the Scottish Government Office in Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, are pleased to invite applications for the Ireland-Scotland Bilateral Network Grants.

The ambition of the Ireland-Scotland Bilateral Network Grants is to strengthen cooperation and learning between excellent researchers, academics and practitioners in Scotland and Ireland within the five thematic areas identified within the 2021 Irish-Scottish Bilateral Review.

The arts and wider cultural sectors are vital to Scotland’s and Ireland’s revival, resilience and recovery. They provide spaces for discussion, debate, divergence, convergence and exchange. Theatre, music, and film, for example, have the power to bring people together in a collective experience for a moment, an evening, a lifetime even, while visual and oral arts and literature offer audiences an opportunity to reflect on ideas or experiences that differ from their own or challenge existing scenarios and situations.

The grant is open to academic researchers working in partnership with the cultural and arts sectors, offering up to £12,500. Apply by Friday 11 June 2021, at 12:00.