The RSE is delighted to introduce the roll-out of its new website, providing an updated design and an enhanced user experience.

Graphical user interface, website
A glimpse at the new RSE website’s home page.

Working closely with Glidden Design, Red Paint and a series of RSE stakeholders, we have spent ten months determining how users engage with the RSE online, how this can be improved, and using these findings to inform a refreshed design to a new RSE website.

A spring clean for the website

Graphical user interface, text, application
A preview of the updated RSE website on mobile

Steve Wilson, Digital Communications Officer at the RSE said, “This has been a really great project to work on. While it’s exciting to have a shiny new website, it has been really interesting to speak with the different RSE stakeholder groups, work out how to best engage with them, and provide them with the best experience we can. I’m looking forward to launching the new website and to bring forward this reasoning into our future work and publications.”

We invite users to browse and experience the new features. We welcome any feedback, concerns or issues; please contact [email protected]