The RSE, CARA (Council for At-Risk Academics) and the Young Academy of Scotland are delighted to announce that Dr Bertrand Ramcharan, former Acting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights will be delivering a lecture at the RSE’s Edinburgh home on Monday, 18th November.

One of the world’s foremost authorities on human rights, Dr Ramcharan will talk from the perspective of an international human rights practitioner on the philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment and how it has shaped the content of human rights ideas today.

It will look particularly at the ideas of Professor Gershom Carmichael, a pioneering Professor of Philosophy at the University of Glasgow who, in his writings, elaborated a detailed code of human rights grounded in natural law theory. It will also consider other great Scottish Enlightenment Philosophers including David Hume and Adam Smith and will invite reflections on the challenges which human rights face today.

Speaking of his forthcoming lecture, Dr Ramcharan said:

“I am absolutely delighted to be coming to Edinburgh, and to the RSE, the home to some of the greatest figures in the Scottish Enlightenment whose thinking and writings have informed so much of how we view human rights today. Scotland’s contribution to the human rights debate cannot be underestimated and I’m looking forward to a stimulating, challenging evening”.

Professor Marcel Jaspars, Vice Principal (International) of the RSE said:

“The RSE is very pleased to be hosting Dr Ramcharan together with the Young Academy of Scotland and the Council for At-Risk Academics. The RSE is committed to upholding human rights when they have been violated due to reasons directly related to an individual’s academic work. International science diplomacy can be a vital route for academics to maintain a dialogue at times of tension between nations’

Stephen Wordsworth, Chief Executive of Cara said:

“Scotland has a proud tradition of offering sanctuary to those in danger. Cara has excellent relations with the RSE and YAS, and our work to rescue academics who are at immediate risk is generously supported in many ways by Scotland’s universities. We are very much looking forward to this event, for a fascinating lecture and as an opportunity to meet up again with many of our friends and supporters.”

Tickets are free and a few are still available and can be booked here.

The lecture will start at 18.00 and be held in the Wolfson Theatre, The RSE, 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh.