Promoting collaboration

By forging effective partnerships with national academies, learned societies and international networks overseas, the RSE is helping to:

Forge multilateral partnerships that provide researchers in Scotland with the opportunity to build lasting international connections

Facilitate two-way international exchange program, enabling top Scottish-based researchers to collaborate with their counterparts anywhere in the world

Promote the exchange of early-stage researchers, giving them the opportunity to experience research activities in other countries

Raise awareness overseas of some of the best of the research and innovation being undertaken in Scotland

Stimulate collaboration between centres of excellence through joint international events

Provide a forum for discussion of international affairs, Scotland’s place in the wider world, and international issues in science, the arts and letters, technology, industry and commerce

Mona Siddiqui sitting on a wooden table

Internationalisation is vital to any organisation and at its heart its about human connection, vision and valuing relationships. In a world where ideas can meet and also collide in seconds, the RSE is a safe and uniquely creative place to lead robust conversations and build collaboration and partnerships with Europe and the wider world.”

Professor Mona Siddiqui OBE, RSE Vice President; International



The RSE’s Scotland-Europe Initiative will examine Scotland’s and the UK’s relations with the European Union post-Brexit.
Scottish and German counterparts met in Edinburgh in January 2023 to continue to strengthen links between higher education in both nations.
A two-day symposium discussing how climate change impacts human rights and what measures are needed to strengthen the rights of those affected.
The RSE appoints three advisors on Human Rights that in turn are a members of the UK & Ireland Academies
The UKIHRC acts in support of academic freedom around the world through information-sharing, awareness-raising and advocacy, both in general and
The RSE Africa Working Group aims to strengthen ties between the RSE and African institutions, contributing to the advancement of science, education, and societal well-being on both continents.


Facilitate international collaboration between researchers based in Scotland with researchers overseas.
SAPHIRE is a grant with the aim of enhancing the existing international research partnerships between Scottish universities and partners in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.
RSE International Bilateral Visits facilitate the collaboration between researchers from Scotland and those based in international institutions within countries with academies with which the RSE has a formal Memorandum of Understanding.
This annual award will offer an academic, from anywhere in the UK, the opportunity to go to a top university in the US for a maximum of three months to carry out lecturing and/or research.


Signifying a joint aspiration to promote and strengthen scientific co-operation between Scotland and Taiwan, the RSE has signed a refreshed MoU with the NSTC.
The RSE announces 60 exceptional research projects that have been selected at the autumn 2024 Research Awards programme call.
The autumn 2023 RSE Research Awards programme opens today, providing funding opportunities for all academic disciplines and across all career stages.
The RSE publishes its Africa Working Group scoping project report.
The President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Professor Sir John Ball, has written to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to urge him to secure the UK’s membership of the Horizon Europe project as quickly as possible.
Scottish and German counterparts met in Edinburgh in January 2023 to continue to strengthen links between higher education in both nations.
The Royal Society of Edinburgh has joined 18 Commonwealth science academies to urge their nations’ leaders to work together to address climate change.
Neuroscientist Dr Gang Li, RSE International Joint Project awardee explores a novel method of mitigating cybersickness.

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