RSE Senior Public Engagement Medal

The RSE Senior Public Engagement Medal recognises senior career academics through their advancement of high-quality public engagement ‎with research.

Through encouraging those who engage the public with research, the RSE is supporting the ‎advancement of public discussion on significant matters. Rewarding those who are ‎exemplary at communicating and facilitating this engagement, is an important step in ‎enabling cultural change amongst research organizations, which is necessary to ensure that ‎the public receives the greatest benefit from Scotland’s pioneering research and innovation.‎

The Royal Society of Edinburgh launched the RSE Public Engagement Medals in 2011, and were supported by Edinburgh Beltane until 2012. The medals are supported by the James Weir Foundation.


  • Nominations can only be made by Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
  • Nominations can be made via the new online system through the member area.
  • Along with the nomination form you are required to upload a CV and publication list for the candidate as well as two references.
  • Full guidance notes can be found in the member area.


YearName(s)Institution Awarded
2021Professor Alexander MurphyUniversity of Edinburghfor their long-standing and sustained track record of outstanding contribution to public engagement with science (especially in particle physics and searches for dark matter). Through his public engagement activities, he has reached diverse audiences in Scotland, the UK, and internationally. Alexander has spearheaded innovative public engagement initiatives targeted to 11-13 years old pupils in the more remote parts of Scotland and has been a tireless ambassador for physics through science festivals and contributions to media outlets.
2020Professor Niamh Nic DaeidLeverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Sciencefor their work placing public engagement at the heart of her research and supporting others to do so. It is also awarded for her work as an outstanding communicator who has connected global audiences with her work and created approaches that empower the public to contribute to research.
2019Dr Simon Gage OBEEdinburgh Sciencefor their contribution to science engagement and public understanding of science.
2018Professor Rory DuncanInstitute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering, School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt Universityfor their passion and enormously productive advocacy for public engagement in Scotland, the UK and internationally.
2017Professor Daniele FaccioHeriot-Watt Universityfor their science engagement and outreach talks, videos, television and YouTube presentations on black hole physics and novel imaging technologies.
2016Professor Iain StewartUniversity of Plymouthfor their exceptional and broad-ranging science engagement with the general public through the medium of broadcasting and with school pupils and teachers in the form of lectures and events, including the RSE’s @Lochaber programme of activities.
2015Martin Hendry MBE FRSEUniversity of Glasgowfor their exceptional and sustained track record of science engagement with the general public, schools, societies and science festivals throughout the world and for the breadth of material presented.
2014Professor Andrew Whiten FRSE FBAUniversity of St Andrewsfor their extensive, creative and unique forms of public engagement, particularly as founding Director of the “Living Links to Human Evolution” Research Centre at Edinburgh Zoo.