COP26 International Climate Change Network Grants

03/03/2021 12:00 pm

£10,000 per project


3-6 months

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), with the support of the Scottish Funding Council, is pleased to invite applications for the RSE COP26 International Climate Change Network Grants.

The RSE COP26 International Climate Change Network Grants are to address climate change impacts ahead of Scotland’s hosting of COP26 while fostering international collaboration in a post-Brexit world.


Ten researchers have been awarded an RSE COP26 International Climate Change Network Grant to strengthen existing international collaboration addressing ongoing climate change impacts.
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  • Strengthen international collaboration in a post-Brexit world to address ongoing climate change impacts.
  • Contribute international learning in Scotland ahead of COP26, reflecting either the COP26 themes of Adaptation and Resilience, Nature, Energy transitions, Clean transport, and/or Finance or a closely-related theme.
  • Focus on Global South perspectives and collaborations; share climate change outputs and networks between the Global South and Global North.
  • Clearly demonstrate how impact will be generated in Scotland and partner countries including both within and beyond academia.


The UK Government has identified five themes for COP26 which will take place in Scotland in November 2021. You are asked to indicate which of the five COP26 themes your proposal fits most closely (it may fit more than one): Adaptation and resilience; Nature; Energy transitions; Clean transport; and/or Finance. If your proposal does not fit within one or more of these themes, you must describe a theme that is closely-related to one of the COP26 climate change themes.


Applicant eligibility

The Grant is open to all disciplines and all career stages. It is open to applicants who are a full or part-time academic in any discipline and are tenured and/or salaried staff of a Higher Education Institution (HEI), Research Institute (RI) or Cultural Institution in Scotland. Applicants must be on open-ended, continuing or fixed term contracts which extend beyond the end-date of the envisaged grant period. The RSE grant cannot be used to extend an applicant’s contract.

Project eligibility

  • The RSE COP 26 INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE CHANGE NETWORK GRANT must address a topic identified under ‘COP26 Themes’ above, or a closely-related subject accepted by the RSE’s assessors.
  • The Project must build on existing international collaboration preferably with priority countries as listed below. It is NOT for the purpose of initiating new collaboration.
  • The Project must participate in international climate change research and be of benefit to Scotland in a post-Brexit context.

Awards will be open to all disciplines, all career stages and all HEIs in Scotland.

(*for full definitions of the priority countries, please read terms and conditions)

Application process

The funding will open for applications from 3 February 2021, applicants are required to:

  1. Create a profile on the RSE CiviCRM, or log in using your existing details
  2. Once into your personal profile, access the online application
  3. Complete the details on the online application form.
  4. Upload as part of the online form a completed copy of application form (See ‘Resources for applicants’)
  5. Upload as part of the online form a statement of support form your institution
  6. If you have a co-applicant, upload a letter of support as part of the online form
  7. Arrange for two referees’ letters of support, to be sent directly to: [email protected] by 3 March 2021 at 12 noon.

Resources for applicants

Register on RSE CiviCRM to apply

Access the online application on RSE CiviCRM


For more information regarding the award, please contact the Research Awards team on [email protected].

03/03/2021 12:00 pm

£10,000 per project


3-6 months