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The RSE’s funding programme aims to:

Attract and retain those with outstanding potential to establish their careers in Scotland.

Encourage enterprise, innovation and the commercialisation of technology-based ideas coming from academic research.

Develop international collaboration and enable participation in international research programmes.

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Latest Funding and collaboration news

These medals recognise individuals who are exemplary at communicating, facilitating engagement, and advancing public discussion on significant matters.
The RSE has announced the recipients of the RSE Research Awards programme, awarding a total of £836,000 in research funding.
In 2021, bespoke funding of £470,000 to help 29 hard-hit academics in Scotland, as part of their Research Reboot Grant.
The RSE Enterprise Fellowship programme welcomes the next cohort of academic entrepreneurs to take their commercial ideas in research and technology and turn them into thriving, successful businesses.
The Royal Society of Edinburgh’s (RSE) prestigious Enterprise Fellowship programme has paused recruitment for a period of six to twelve months.

Celebrating research and innovation

The RSE’s opportunity to showcase individuals who have secured RSE research awards and Enterprise Fellowships in this past year. Read about past and present awardees success stories, sharing their experiences that demonstrate the tremendous diversity, breadth and energy of Scotland’s research sector.