The RSE’s funding aims to:

Attract and retain those with outstanding potential to establish their careers in Scotland.

Encourage enterprise, innovation and the commercialisation of technology-based ideas coming from academic research.

Develop international collaboration and enable participation in international research programmes.

in 2023:

687 applications were received

£1.34 million was awarded

17 of the 19 Scottish higher education institutes were represented by lead researchers

54 international collaborations were enabled

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Latest Funding and collaboration news

Exploring LGBTQ+ life, RSE awardee Professor Yvette Taylor aims to reimagine social justice through intersectional queer perspectives, focusing on resilience, creativity, and non-normative practices.
RSE Personal Research Fellowship awardee, Dr Laura Forrest discusses her work aiming to improve menstrual health literacy in Scotland.
Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal visited The Royal Society of Edinburgh this week to present medals for outstanding academic achievement.
The RSE is pleased to announce the recipients of its new community-led research awards. Generously backed by the Williamson Trust, a total of £59,518 will be awarded to 12 community research projects located across Scotland.
The RSE announces eight recipients of its esteemed medals, which recognise outstanding contribution and achievement across all academic disciplines.
The RSE announces 60 exceptional research projects that have been selected at the autumn 2024 Research Awards programme call.