Elected: 1983
Discipline: Biomedical and Cognitive Sciences
Dr William Barr Martin FRSE
Bill Martin, who died peacefully at home in the early hours of 6th October 2004, was born in 1924 in Glasgow where he attended Hutchesons’ Grammar School. On leaving school he volunteered for pilot service in the RAF but was turned down because of colour blindness (he used to ask why the sand was blue). Instead, because his family had farming links he entered the old Glasgow Veterinary College, gaining his MRCVS in 1947. Those were difficult years due to the prevailing wartime conditions and the very basic and underfunded facilities of the College. But if academic conditions were Spartan they fostered enduring attributes of initiative and self-reliance coupled with humour, comradeship and lasting friendship. Bill always spoke fondly of those crucial years which laid the foundation of what was to be a productive and distinguished professional career during which he was always proud to identify himself as a veterinary surgeon.

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