Elected: 1970
Discipline: Earth Sciences and Chemistry
Professor Stanley Hay Umphray Bowie FRS FREng FRSE
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Stanley Bowie was one of the most outstanding Assistant Directors of the Institute of Geological Sciences (IGS) (now the British Geological Survey, BGS) of the last fifty years. Not only was he a scientist of international standing himself, but he also established and led the highly successful Geochemical Division of the IGS, which became a model for similar divisions in Geological Surveys throughout the world. He and his staff made major contributions in isotope geology, fluidinclusionstudies, trace-element geochemistry (including high-resolution geochemical mapping), ore mineralogy, economic geology and analytical chemistry. The first inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer was developed by Alan Gray of the University of Surrey and Alan Date in the IGS with funding from the European Commission, negotiated by Stanley Bowie.