Elected: 1964
Discipline: Unspecified at this time
Dr Robert William Pringle OBE FRSE
With the death of Dr Robert W Pringle on 10 June 1996, Scotland lost a talented research physicist turned industrial entrepreneur. He made a notable contribution to the growth of the Scottish electronics industry. His Company, Nuclear Enterprises(GB)Ltd, which he founded in Edinburgh in 1956, had within about twenty years grown to become one of the largest specialised companies of its kind in the world, outside the USA. In its field of nucleonics and ultrasonic diagnostic equipment it found its markets in universities, high energy physics, medicine, industry, agriculture, geophysics and space research. It gave employment to some eight hundred total staff, and over sixty percent of its products were being exported to over sixty countries through a worldwide network of its agents. Subsidiary companies had been established in California, Germany and Switzerland.

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