Elected: 1970
Discipline: Organismal and Environmental Biology
Professor Robert Bernard Clark FRSE
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Professor RB (Bob) Clark, the founder and long time editor of The Marine Pollution Bulletin and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, died quietly at his home on 28th September 2013, shortly before his 90th Birthday. He is survived by his wife Sue, daughter Juliet, son Stephen and his grandson Gus. Bob Clark had a long and distinguished academic career, graduating first in physics (Chelsea Polytechnic , 1944) before reading Zoology (Exeter University, 1950). His research and writing often reflected that early training as a physical scientist in a zoological context. As a Zoologist, he specialised in the biology of the marine worms (Polychaeta: Annelida), a group with more than 12,000 species, and he was undoubtedly among the leading polychaete biologists of his generation. He held posts at Glasgow University and at Bristol University prior to his appointment to the Chair of Zoology and Director of the Dove Marine Laboratory at Newcastle University in 1965 [1]. During the early years he worked extensively in the USA at Universities of Washington and University of California (Berkeley), where briefly held a post as Assistant Professor, and he worked extensively at the Friday Harbor Marine Laboratory (Washington) which he continued as Visiting Scientist throughout his career. He forged many professional relationships in the USA including that with his first wife, Mary Clark and travelled widely forging scientific links in China through his association with the late professor Wu Bao Lin. He was awarded a DSc by University of London in 1965 and appointed Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1970.