Elected: 1999
Discipline: Cell and Molecular Biology
Professor Thomas Michael Aubrey Wilson
Former Chief Executive Officer, Horticulture Research International
1973 BSc Hons (Biochemistry, Edinburgh); 1976 PhD (Biochemistry, Cambridge); 1976-78 MRC Research Fellow (Nottingham); 1979-83 Lecturer (Liverpool); 1983-89 SSO/PSO John Innes Centre; 1989-92 Professor (Rutgers, NJ, USA); 1992-99 Head of Virology, Deputy Director, Acting Director (Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee); 1999-2004 CEO Horticulture Research International (DEFRA); 2004-2008 Professor (Warwick); 2004-16 Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Hort Sci & Biotech. Approx. 100 refereed publications (1976-1998), over 100 abstracts, book chapters etc. Edited or (co-)authored several books and monographs in molecular virology. (Sole/Co-)Inventor on several UK and international patents (1980s).