Fellow: Goss
Elected: 2020
Discipline: Earth Sciences and Chemistry
Professor Rebecca Goss
Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of St Andrews
Rebecca Goss’ research is focused at the chemistry–biology interface. She leads a team working toward the discovery and engineering of solutions from nature. Specifically, they seek novel, microbially produced, bioactives including antibiotics, and pioneer approaches for discovery of enzymes for sustainable production of agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Her team have pioneered the GenoChemetic approach to natural product analogue generation.
Rebecca’s work is recognised through national/international awards, including an ERC consolidator grant, and >150 invited/plenary lectures internationally. She is highly invested in inspiring and mentoring the next generation to embark on exciting careers in science. In addition to her laboratory research and teaching, Rebecca is working on other projects including toward company spin-out and toward a regular ‘BioEngineering in Business’ networking event to promote translation and growth of biobusiness in Scotland.