Fellow: Ali Imran
Elected: 2022
Discipline: Engineering
Professor Muhammad Ali Imran
Dean of Transnational Engineering Programme, University of Glasgow
Prof. Imran is an international leader in the field of communication systems. His pioneering work, particularly in the areas of self-organized cellular networks and energy-efficient communications, is widely cited, incorporated into standards, and adopted commercially. By steering one of the most successful UK-China transnational education initiatives, he is an international ambassador for Scottish Higher Education sector.
He holds honours of Fellow RSE, Fellow IET, Fellow RSA, Senior Member IEEE, Senior Fellow HEA. He leads a research group with 100+ researchers in Scotland and has over 20 years of combined academic and industry experience with several leading roles in multi-million pounds funded projects. He has been a consultant to international projects and local companies in the area of self-organised networks and the use cases of 5G technology.
He is passionate about sharing the benefits of technology equitably across society and is a strong supporter and mentor for young Scottish talent. As a Fellow, he aims to bring his organisational skills and network to accelerate these aspects of the RSE’s mission.