Fellow: Aliotta
Elected: 2022
Discipline: Physics and Astronomy
Professor Marialuisa Aliotta
Professor of Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics, University of Edinburgh
Marialuisa Aliotta is Professor of Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics and Head of the Nuclear Physics group at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests focus on the experimental study of nuclear reactions that take place in stars and contribute to the creation of the chemical elements in the Universe. For her work at
the underground LUNA laboratory (Italy), Marialuisa was awarded the 2021 Occhialini Medal and Prize, conferred jointly by the IoP and the Società Italiana di Fisica. Marialuisa also coaches and consults on various aspects of academic life, including on public speaking, writing, and publishing, through mentoring programs, workshops and online courses (academiclife.coachesconsole.com).