Elected: 1995
Discipline: Economics and Social Sciences
Professor Malcolm Anderson
Malcolm Anderson (born 1934) has international experience as lecturer, researcher and consultant. From Oxford, from which university he holds two doctorates, he has held posts in four UK universities, lectured in European, North American, Nigerian and Australian universities and has published a range books (with OUP, Polity, Palgrave, Routledge, Allen & Unwin, Edward Elgar, Pergamon, Kluwer, Frank Cass) as well as articles on a range of subjects such as international police cooperation, history of the police, the French Right, problems of frontiers. He has been President of scholarly associations concerned with the European Union, he has participated in EU policy for universities (particularly the Jean Monnet project) and has acted as external evaluator of EU policies for the western Balkans and for academic exchanges. He has also been Senior Fellow of the Brussels think tank, the Centre for European Policy Studies, and consultant for the House of Lords European Committee and for the (now defunct) French national planning commission.