Elected: 2011
Discipline: Cell and Molecular Biology
Professor Javier Caceres
Group Leader, Institute of Genetics and Cancer, MRC Human Genetics Unit
Javier Caceres is Head of the Genome Regulation Section at the MRC Human Genetics Unit, Institute of Genetics and Molecular Cancer (IGC) at the University of Edinburgh. He is also a Professor at the School of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh. He holds a Personal Chair in RNA and Gene Expression. He studied for a B.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology both at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. He moved to the USA to carry out postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Jim Dahlberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison), where he studied transcriptional control of small nuclear RNA genes. He later joined Adrian Krainer’s laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor, where he worked on alternative splicing regulation. His laboratory at the MRC Human Genetics Unit at the University of Edinburgh is interested on mechanisms of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Their main focus is on the role of RNA-binding proteins (RNABPs) in gene expression and how alterations to RNA processing mechanisms can contribute to human disease. He serves in numerous International reviewing panels and Editorial Boards. He was elected as a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) in 2008, a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2011, a member of the Academia Europaea in 2016 and a member of the Latin American Academy of Sciences (ACAL).