Elected: 2015
Discipline: Engineering
Professor Elizabeth Tanner
Bonfield Professor of Biomedical Materials, Head of Materials Engineering Division, Queen Mary University of London
Professor Liz Tanner returned to Queen Mary University of London in September 2018 to take up position as their first Bonfield Professor of Biomedical Materials, having left the University in 2007 after spending almost 25 years as a faculty member. In between her time at Queen Mary, she spent 11 years at the University of Glasgow as Professor of Biomedical Materials, where she developed and ran the first Scottish undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. Her research is in biomaterials for bone augmentation, based on composites of polymers reinforced with bioactive ceramics, which are chemically close to bone mineral. These materials are either permanent, as used in middle ear implants, or degradable such as used in bone tissue engineering and fracture fixation. She will be President of the 11th World Biomaterials Congress which takes place in Glasgow in 2020.