Fellow: Croisdale-Appleby
Elected: 2024
Discipline: Professional, Educational and Public Sector Leadership
Professor David Croisdale-Appleby
Strategic Leader and Chair of Multiple Organisations, Scotland
A career and academic polymath, David Croisdale-Appleby’s career began in the private sector, rising to CEO leading multinational companies in the advertising, marketing and communications sectors, before founding his own network of companies. For 25 years he has devoted his time to his passion for social justice, focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged, vulnerable and disabled people across the world. David has chaired some 20 organisations in fields as diverse as forensic science, health policy and practice, law, social care, business school and medical education, and regulation. He holds 7 degrees and many professorships spanning sciences, social sciences, business and management, medical and clinical, arts and humanities. His awards include more than 20 honorary doctorates and many fellowships and honorary fellowships.