Elected: 2013
Discipline: Cell and Molecular Biology
Professor Andrew Millar
Chair of Systems Biology, University of Edinburgh
Andrew Millar studied the 24-hour, biological clocks in plants and algae for 30 years, until he closed his experimental laboratory and modelling research group in early 2019. The group’s commitment to Open research data management is retained as the ‘BioRDM team’ [1] at the University of Edinburgh. Andrew has been seconded part-time to the Scottish Government since October 2018. He advises officials and Ministers on the evidence for topics from GMOs to nature-based solutions to climate change, as the Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) for Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture, one of the three Scottish CSA’s. In part of his University time, he has served on the Council of UKRI-BBSRC since April 2018 [2]. Council members take on various roles, in Andrew’s case including a review of Data-Intensive Bioscience [3] and serving on the UKRI Infrastructure Advisory Committee [4], which advises on research facilities for the coming decades.
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