Fellow: Dinkova-Kostova
Elected: 2023
Discipline: Biomedical and Cognitive Sciences
Professor Albena Dinkova-Kostova
Professor of Chemical Biology, University of Dundee
Albena Dinkova-Kostova is an internationally recognised scientist with expertise in cellular responses to stress and the links between oxidative stress, inflammation and metabolism. Working at the interface between Chemical Biology and Medicine, her research examines the mechanisms of regulation of cytoprotective adaptive responses regulated by transcription factor Nrf2, with the ultimate goal of implementing the knowledge from basic science discoveries for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. She also has a long-standing interest in natural product chemistry/biochemistry and its utilization, from plants to pharmacy. Albena was named on the Global Highly Cited Researchers List in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.