Elected: 1967
Discipline: Earth Sciences and Chemistry
Professor Patrick Meares FRSE
Patrick’s early education was at Trinity School of John Whitgift in Croydon, Surrey, and from there he went on to study chemistry at Queen’s College Cambridge.

After only 2 years of undergraduate study (a consequence of wartime restrictions), he commenced his doctoral studies in the Colloid Science Laboratory under Sir Eric Rideal, subsequently relocating to the Royal Institution in London when the latter moved there. On completing his PhD Patrick was appointed to a lectureship in Physical Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen His research work was concerned initially with the properties of polyvinyl acetate membranes and the permeation and diffusion of gases and vapours through them. He authored many published papers on the structure and bulk properties of polymers, and a book published under the same title in 1965.

Patrick also developed a strong interest in the comparison of synthetic and biological membranes, and in 1955 he was awarded a Carnegie Research Fellowship to work with Hans Ussing in the Department of Zoo-physiology at the University of Copenhagen. Ussing had developed equations to differentiate between passive and active transport of ions across the membranes of living cells, and, building on this work, Meares and Ussing used a synthetic cation exchange membrane as a model of a passive membrane to test the validity of these equations. Read More