Past Fellows

Tribute to the deceased Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Please note that the current version of the past Fellows directory includes a small portion of Fellows. As we seek to upload the relevant data, we thank you for your patience and understanding. As you can imagine, for an organisation that’s over 240 years old, we have a lot of data to sort and upload!

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Biographical index

For Fellows whose deaths were reported prior to 1993, see our biographical index. The biographical index of former RSE Fellows from 1783-2002 (ISBN 0 902 198 84 X) was compiled by Dr Charles Waterston, RSE General Secretary 1986-91 and Mr Angus Shearer.

The collection of information on our past Fellows did not cease with the publication of this index and we are grateful for any further information you might wish to supply.


Please get in touch with us about obituaries at (there may be a small charge for this).