Elected: 2017
Discipline: Private Sector Leadership
Ms Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne
Genius Foods
After receiving her BSc in Physiology from Queen Mary University of London, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne retrained as a chef at the Leith School of Food and Wine, London in 1993. When her sons were diagnosed with multiple food allergies and an intolerance to gluten, Lucinda specialised in cooking for strict dietary requirements and founded Genius Foods in 2009. Genius is a global gluten-free brand and one of Scotland’s largest food export companies. Lucinda has won multiple industry and consumer awards and written three books, specialising in the science of cooking and allergy-free cooking. She sits on the Board of the National Skills Academy of Food and Drink, is a founding member of the Gluten Free Industry Association and is an Innovate UK ambassador.