Fellow: Jardine
Elected: 2023
Discipline: Private Sector Leadership
Mrs Sarah Jardine
Chief Executive Officer, epipole
Sarah is COO of retinal imaging company epipole. A graduate of both Strathclyde and Heriot-Watt Universities she has a BSc (Hons) in Laser Physics and an MSc in Laser Engineering. Starting her career as a Laser Engineer at Thales Optronics, Sarah is experienced in product development, conversion to early-stage manufacturing and transition to large scale production, due to 20 years in various roles at industry-leading retinal imaging specialist Optos. She was appointed as COO of the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland in January 2020 before joining epipole in October 2022 as COO.
Sarah served 7 years on the board of the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service, 5 as Chair, alongside having roles on various other boards and SLGs. She has also been the recipient of some prestigious awards including Strathclyde University’s Alumna of the Year in 2018.
A keen advocate of manufacturing and those who work in the sector, and a strong supporter of STEM, Sarah enjoys working with young people and has the privilege of being a mentor to young women at various stages of their careers.